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Application for Graduate Training Program at the Institute for Behavioral Genetics

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Please return this form to: Director, Behavioral Genetics Training Program,
Institute for Behavioral Genetics, Campus Box 447, University of Colorado,
Boulder, CO 80309, 303/492-7362.

A complete application consists of the following:
1) This form, completed.
2) Copy of application materials to departmental doctoral program
3) Copy of GRE scores (including % ranking)
4) Copies of undergraduate and graduate transcripts
5) Three letters of recommendation
6) Research Interests and Publications: On a separate sheet, write a summary (200
words maximum) of your interests in behavioral genetics, including your
long-term goals, and list your relevant publications, if any.

Items 2-4 will be requested from your departmental program by IBG staff. For incoming new students, the three letters of recommendation from your departmental application will also be requested from your desired Ph.D. program by IBG staff.

For current CU graduate students (i.e. those who have already completed at least one year of coursework), you may request that two letters of recommendation be sent from your department from your original submission, or you may request two new letters. The third recommendation letter for current CU students must be submitted by their proposed IBG Faculty Fellow mentor.

Birth date_______________ Birthplace_______________________________
U.S. Citizen: Yes_______ No________ Single______ Married________

CU Academic Department________________________________________________
Are you:
____Currently a grad student in above department
____Applying for grad school to above department

Institution Major Field Degree Date





Undergraduate: Grade point average (GPA, 4.0 = A)_______
GPA in major_____________
Graduate: Grade point average (GPA, 4.0=0)________
Graduate degree/area of study_________

Graduate Record Examinations: Verbal____________ Quantitative__________
Analytic____________ Subject_____________

Which IBG faculty fellow are you interested in as an advisor?
1st choice__________________________
2nd choice__________________________

Current CU students must have an IBG faculty member as an advisor:______________
(advisor’s name)

IBG Faculty Advisor’s Home Department__________________________

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