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TJ1109 age-1 (hx546) II none yes from Deqing (JC 9-21-5) TJ1052 x3 WB minus strand 9 missense 806 pro to ser, CCA to TCA, bp 2416, exon 5 2-7-8-R-yes, 2-7-8-L-yes
TJ1101 clk-1 (e2519) III none no from Deqing (JC 9-26-5) CB4876 x20 WB plus strand 5 missense 148 glutamic to lys, GAG to AAG, bp 442, exon 4 1-25-8-L-no, 1-29-8-R-no, 2-7-8-L-no
TJ1102 spe-10 (hc104) V none yes from Deqing (EG 4-25-4) BA744 no outcross plus strand 4 nonsense 115 arg to opal stop, CGA to TGA, bp 343, exon 2 1-25-8-L-yes, 1-29-8-R-yes
TJ1103 daf-12 (m25) X m20 yes from Deqing (EG 4-30-4) DR25 no outcross plus strand 17 missense 563 met to isoleu, ATG to ATA, bp 1689, exon 14 1-25-8-L-yes, 1-29-8-R-yes
TJ1104 daf-2 (e1370) III e1370 no  from Deqing (JC 10-3-5) CB1370 no outcross minus strand 17 missense 1462 pro to ser, CCA to TCA, bp 4384, exon 14 1-25-8-L-no, 1-29-8-R-no, 2-14-8-L-no, 2-18-8-R-no
TJ1105 daf-2 (e1370) III daf-12 (m25) X daf-2 no, daf-12 yes from Deqing (EG 6-22-4) DR1337 not in WB 1-30-8-daf2R-no, 1-30-8-daf2L-no, 1-30-8-daf12R-yes, 1-30-8-daf12L-yes, 2-14-8-daf2L-no, 2-18-8-daf2R-no
TJ1111 age-1 (hx546) II spe-10 (hc104) V age-1 yes, spe-10 yes from Deqing (JC 6-21-5) TJ909 not in WB 1-30-8-speL-yes, 1-30-8-speR-yes, 2-7-8-ageR-yes, 2-7-8-ageL-yes
CB4876a clk-1 (e2519) III yes Forma II:1:15 (PT 10-18-91) 2-7-8-L-yes, 2-7-8-R-?
CB1370 daf-2 (e1370) III no Forma I:5:20 (MK 5-16-92) 2-14-8-L-no, 2-18-8-R-no
DR1337 daf-2 (e1370) III daf-12 (m25) X daf-2 yes, daf-12 yes Forma I:19:30 (EG 12-29-3) 2-14-8-daf2L-yes, 2-18-8-daf2R-yes, 2-18-8-daf2L-yes, 3-5-8-daf12L-yes, 3-5-8-daf12R-yes
TJ1100 clk-1 (qm30) III qm30 del present Forma I:19:42 (by?) 590 bp del at AA 152, covers entire last exon, starts 12 bases 3' of e2519
TJ1101 clk-1 (e2519) III qm30 del not present from Deqing (JC 9-26-5)
TJ1109 age-1 (hx546) II qm30 del not present from Deqing (JC 9-21-5)
CB1370 daf-2 (e1370) III yes from the CGC 2-25-8 3-5-8-L-yes, 3-5-8-R-yes
CB4876 clk-1 (e2519) III yes from the CGC 2-25-8 3-5-8-L-yes, 3-5-8-R-yes
For the backcrossed strains which were not as expected, I repeated the sequencing starting from the worms given to me by Deqing.
All sequences were done with both left and right primers except as noted. 
All sequencing was done starting with 10 or more worms and a "ten worm lysis prep".
Primers were designed to produce a PCR amplicon of about 300bp spanning the allele of interest.  
Sequencing was performed on the amplicon using the same primers. 
The clk-1 (qm30) deletion was detected using PCR only and only done once. 
The parent strains were Shane's best guess.