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Direct isolation of longevity mutants in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans.

Duhon SA;Murakami S;Johnson TE

Citation: Developmental Genetics 18: 144-153 1996


Genes: age-1 daf-7 fer-15 glp-4 spe-9

Abstract: We have isolated several new EMS-induced, long-lived mutants of Caenorhabditis elegans, using a novel screen that eliminates the need for replica plating. Three new alleles of age-1 (z10, z12, and z25) were identified by failure to complement age-1 (hx546) for life span extension; these alleles had life spans ranging from 18.9 to 25.9 days at 25 degrees C, with an average 46% increase in life span. After backcrossing, alleles were examined in a wild-type background for resistance to several environmental stresses: heat (35 degrees C), ultraviolet (UV) light (20 J/m(2)), and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) (0.5 M) Two replicates of the test of thermotolerance were completed on each strain, giving mean survivals of 842 min (hx546), 810 min (z10), 862 min (z12), and 860 min (z25), compared to 562 min for wild type. All the age-1 alleles were significantly tolerant, compared with wild type (P < 0.001). Two replicates for UV resistance were also completed with mean survivals of 103, 118, 108, and 89 hr, respectively, compared to 72 hr for wild type. One test of hydrogen peroxide resistance has shown that z12 and N2 had a mean survival of 41 hr, while the other age-1 alleles had mean survival of 54 hr (z10), and 62 hr (z25); H2O2 resistance is the only environmental stress that differentiates among the age-1 alleles.