Power Point Presentations

These are all of the Power Point presentations which were used during lectures at the Workshop.

The files are located in ScriptsI\PowerPT\.

If you do not have a copy of Power Point, this CD contains the free Power Point Viewer from Microsoft. It is in the utilities\ directory and is called PPView97.exe. To install it on a Windows based computer, run the PPView97.exe program.

There are also two Harvard Graphics presentations that were used at the Workshop in the ScriptsI/PowerPT/HarvardGraphics/. To view these without Harvard Graphics, browser plugins can be downloaded from Harvard Graphics. Select the Netscape or Internet Explorer version of Harvard WebShow. Your browser must be restarted after installing the plugin.

Once the plugin is installed for your browser, open the files ScriptsI/PowerPT/matrix/index.html or ScriptsI/PowerPT/summ/index.html to view the presentations.

Jeff Lessem