Computational Facilities

At the Ninth International Workshop on Methodology of Twin and Family Studies

The workshop will be hands on, with students using the computers during lectures and throughout the day. Two or three students will share a graphical workstation which will allow them to edit and run Mx scripts.

The students' workstations will be Pentium based PC's running Linux, a free Unix clone licensed under the GNU Public License. A central file server will allow students to sit down at any workstation and access their files, or example scripts made available by the instructors.

The workstations will be connected to the Internet through the University of Colorado's network. This will allow individuals to access their e-mail at home, and to transfer files from the workshop back to their home accounts. Because the workshop is being held at the Regal Harvest House the connection to the Internet will be over several high speed modems. This should provide ample bandwidth for students to check their e-mail at home, or to do a bit of web browsing.

Do not be concerned if you are inexperienced with Unix, as guidance will be available at the workshop. If you are experienced with Unix, all of the tools you are familiar with using, such as bash, Emacs, Netscape, Pico, Pine, tcsh, vi, and others will be available.

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