1999 Historical Schedule

TimeTopicLead Faculty
Monday 8th
9.00-10.30Genetic models for complex phenotypes: an overviewJohn Rice
11.00-12.30 Basic statistical principles of linkage analysis Pak Sham
1.30-2.00 Introduction to the computer system Jeff Lessem
2.00-3.00 IBD and genetic covariance. Mx Mike Neale
3.30-4.45Partitioned twin analysis Nick Martin
4.45-5.00 Question time Faculty
Tuesday 9th
9.00-10.30 Estimating IBD from marker dataDorret Boomsma
11.00-12.30Sib-pair methods for QTL detection --- covariance approachesMike Neale, Nick Martin
2.00-3.00Likelihood in selected and unselected samples: qualitative phenotypesJohn Rice
3.30-4.45 Power and design: selected samples, quantitative traits Pak Sham
4.45-5.00 Question time Faculty
Wednesday 10th
9.00-10.30 Association vs linkage: TDT analysis Andrew Heath
10.45-12.15Examples analyses David Duffy
1.45-3.15 Combined association and linkage analysis Stacey Cherny, Nick Martin
3.30-4.45 Simulation and power analysis Lindon Eaves
4.45-5.00 Question time Faculty
Thursday 11th
9.00-10.30 Biological and cultural inheritance Hermine Maes
10.45-12.15 Multivariate threshold models Mike Neale
1.45-3.15 Comorbidity Pak Sham
3.30-4.45 Liability, vulnerability, and causal models Andrew Heath
4.45-5.00 Question time Faculty
7:00 David W. Fulker Memorial LectureRobert Plomin
Friday 12th
9.00-10.30 Developmental models Dorret Boomsma
10.45-12.15 Growth curve models Mike Neale, Hermine Maes
1.45-3.15 Latent class and latent trait models Lindon Eaves, Mike Neale
3.30-5.00 Future directions and questions Faculty

Jeff Lessem
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