MAKEDEV(1M)                                                        MAKEDEV(1M)

     MAKEDEV - Create device special files

     /dev/MAKEDEV [target] [parameter=val]

     MAKEDEV creates specified device files in the current directory; it is
     primarily used for constructing the /dev directory.  It is a "makefile"
     processed by the make command.  Its arguments can be either targets in
     the file or assignments overriding parameters defined in the file.  The
     targets .I alldevs and owners are assumed if no other targets are present
     (see below).

     All devices are created relative to the current directory, so this
     command is normally executed from /dev.  In order to create the devices
     successfully, you must be the superuser.

     The following are some of the arguments that are recognized by MAKEDEV.
     For a complete list you may need to examine the script

     ttys       Creates tty (controlling terminal interface) files for CPU
                serial ports.  In addition, creates special files for console,
                syscon, systty, keybd, mouse, dials, and tablet. See duart(7),
                console(7), keyboard(7), mouse(7), pckeyboard(7), and
                pcmouse(7) for details.

     cdsio      Creates additional tty files enabled by using the Central Data
                serial board.

     pty        Creates special files to support "pseudo terminals".  This
                target makes a small number of files, with more created as
                needed by programs using them.  Additional pty files can be
                made for older programs not using library functions to
                allocate ptys by using the parameter override MAXPTY=100, or
                any other number between 1 and 199.  See pty(7M) for details.

     ips        Creates special files for ESDI disks connected to an
                Interphase ESDI disk controller.  See ips(7M) for details.

     ipi        Creates special files for IPI disks connected to a XYLOGICS
                IPI disk controller.  See ipi(7M) for details.

     dks        Creates special files for SCSI disks.  See dksc(7M) for

     rad        Creates special files for SCSI attached RAID disks.  See
                raid(1M) and usraid(7M) for details.

     fds        Creates special files for SCSI floppy drives.  See smfd(7M)
                for details.

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MAKEDEV(1M)                                                        MAKEDEV(1M)

     xyl        Creates special files for SMD disks connected to a Xylogics
                SMD disk controller.  See xyl(7M) for details.

     qictape    Creates special files for 1/4-inch cartridge tape drives
                connected to an ISI QIC-O2 tape controller.  See ts(7M) for

     usrvme     Creates special files for user level VME bus adapter
                interfaces.  See usrvme(7M) for details.

     usrdma     Creates special files for user level access to DMA engines.
                See usrdma(7M) for details.

     tps        Creates special files for SCSI tape drives.  See tps(7M) for

     magtape    Creates special files for 1/2-inch tape drives connected to a
                Xylogics Model 772 tape controller.  See xmt(7M) for details.

     ikon       Creates special files for hardcopy devices connected to an
                Ikon 10088 (or 10088A) printer controller.  This includes
                Versatec TTL and Versatec differential compatible devices, as
                well as (Tektronix-compatible) Centronics printers.  See ik(7)
                for details.

     gpib       Creates special files for the National Instruments GPIB-1014
                controller and associated devices.  See gpib(7) for details.

     hl         Creates special files for the hardware spinlock driver to use
                in process synchronization (IRIS-4D/GTX models only).

     t3270      Creates the special files for the IBM 3270 interface

     gse        Creates the special files for the IBM 5080 interface

     dn_ll      Creates the special file for the 4DDN logical link driver.

     dn_netman  Creates the special file for the 4DDN network management

     audio      Creates the special file for the bi-directional audio channel
                interface for the IRIS-4D/20 series.  See audio(7) for

     plp        Creates the special file for the parallel printer interface
                for the IRIS-4D/20 series.  See plp(7) for details.

     ei         Creates the special file for the Challenge/Onyx external
                interrupt interface.  See ei(7) for details.

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MAKEDEV(1M)                                                        MAKEDEV(1M)

     generic    Creates miscellaneous, commonly used devices:  tty, the
                controlling terminal device; mem, kmem, mmem, and null, the
                memory devices; prf, the kernel profiling interface; tport,
                the texport interface; shmiq, the event queue interface; gfx,
                graphics, the graphics device interfaces; and zero, a source
                of zeroed unnamed memory.  See tty(7), mem(7), prf(7), and
                zero(7) for details concerning some of these respective

     links      This option does both disk and tape

     disk       This option creates all the disk device special files for the
                dks ips ipi and xyl drives, and then creates links by which
                one can conveniently reference them without knowing the
                configuration of the particular machine.  The links root,
                rroot, swap, rswap, usr, rusr, vh and rvh are created to
                reference the current root, swap, usr and volume header

     tape       This option creates all the tps and xmt tape devices, then
                makes links to tape, nrtape, tapens, and nrtapens for the
                first tape drive found, if one exists.  It first checks for
                xmt, then for SCSI in descending target ID order.

     mindevs    This option is shorthand for creating the generic, links, pty,
                ttys, gro, and grin device files.

     alldevs    This option creates all of the device special files listed

     owners     This option changes the owner and group of the files in the
                current directory to the desired default state.

     onlylinks  This option does only the link portion of disk and tape above,
                in case a different disk is used as root, or a different tape
                drive is used.

     The links made for /dev/usr and /dev/rusr always point to partition 6 of
     the root drive. While this is the most common convention, it is not

     If a system has been reconfigured with the /usr filesystem in some place
     other than this default, by specifying the device in /etc/fstab, see
     fstab(4), the /dev/usr and /dev/rusr devices will NOT point to the device
     holding the real /usr filesystem.

     mknod(1M) make(1) install(1)