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NEWS: Colorado Morris appeared during the Jay Leno show in October 2005. Check out the video clip here!!

Twenty-five years of dancing in Colorado!
The Maroon Bells Morris team celebrated its 25th anniversary by a weekend of touring and party over Labor Day 2007 (that's the first weekend in September, for non-USians). Friends and former members are joined us and lots of fun was had by all.

Here are photos from the event as well as here .

Here is a brief background of the team, written for the 20th anniversary by then-squire Steve -- some years down the line we should update it... see a group photo on the link for our photo page at the bottom.

The 2004 Ale
The Midwest Morris Ale returned to the mountains in 2004! Friday, May 28 2004, to Monday, May 31, 2004 -- yes, it was the latest Memorial weekend possible which hopefully ensures a snow-free event. Check out our web site for the event. These links lead to some photos of previous gigs in Gold Hill, Estes Park (again...), and Jamestown, all places in the vicinity!

The 2004 Ale was also the `official introduction' of Colorado Morris' border team -- check out the web site of `Breathless in Berthoud'!

For some YouTube videos from the 2007 Medieval Festival in Greeley, the 2007 Boulder International Festival, and the 25th Anniversary Ale, go here and here.

Already many excellent home pages of other Morris teams exist that tell you about the various traditions within Morris dancing and what all this is about. Rather than to repeat ourselves (and therefore having to quote from our excellent brochure ;-), follow this to a page maintained by Jeff Bigler and this one maintained by Rich Holmes.

And here are the links to the MDDL and the MDDL archives ; also try this and the CDSS .

For information on local dance groups, go to VAC's homepage .

If you have comments, you can email me, the Treasurer,
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If you prefer the telephone, call Robin, the Squire, at 303-651-0909 or try me at 303-492-0835.

Here is a picture (ca. 67K) of some of us on the Maroon Bells Morrris team.

For more pictures, go here .

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