Genetics of Substance Use Disorders

PSYCH 7102: Concepts in Behavioral Genetics
Instructor: Dr. Michael Stallings
Phone: 2-2826
Email: Michael.Stallings@Colorado.Edu


Course Description

This graduate-level course will be presented in a seminar format. Each class session a student will be assigned to lead the discussion of an important current paper in the topic area assigned by the instructor. This will be followed by general discussion/lecture by the instructor or a guest lecturer on related material.

Topics will include the epidemiology, clinical aspects, neurobiology and etiology of substance abuse and dependence. There will be a focus on nicotine, alcohol, marijuana, opioids, and stimulants including cocaine. However, additional topics will include polysubstance abuse, comorbid psychopathology, and developmental and gender issues. Course evaluations will be based on class participation and a term paper (10-20 page paper on a topic approved by the instructor).


Jan 17 Course Introduction  
Jan 22 Nicotine: Epidemiology/Clinical Aspects *Koopmans et al., 1999; Pomerleau et al., 1993
Jan 29 Nicotine: Neurobiology *Lerman & Niaura, 2002; Madden et al., 1999
Feb 05 Nicotine Dependence: Etiology *Heath et al., 1993; *Straub et al., 1999;
Kendler et al., 1999; McGue chapter
Feb 12 Alcohol: Epidemiology/Clinical Aspects *Schuckit, 1994a; 1994b; Schuckit et al., 2001
Feb 19 Alcohol: Neurobiology *Noble et al., 2000; Faroud & Li, 1999
Feb 26 Alcohol Dependence: Etiology * Heath et al., 1993; Reich et al., 1998;
Kendler et al., 1992
Mar 05 Methodology Workshop (No Class)  
Mar 12 Illicit Drugs: Neurobiology *Tsuang et al., 1998; Maes et al., 1999
Mar 19 Illicit Drugs: Etiology *Kendler & Prescott, 1998; McGue et al., 2000;
Uhl et al., 2001; Kendler et al., 2000
Mar 26 Spring Break! (No Class)  
Apr 02 Polysubstance Abuse *Koob & Le Moal, 2000; De Fiebre & Collins, 1993
Apr 09 Comorbid Psychopathology *Kreuger et al., 2002; Cadoret et al., 1987;
(Antisocial Behavior, Gambling, Risky Sex) Slutske; Young et al., 2000
Apr 16 Personality and Substance Use Disorders *Wills et al., 1994; Cloninger, 1987;
Heath et al., 1995
Apr 23 Brain Reward Mechanisms Gardner Chapter
Apr 30 Treatment Issues (Term Paper Due)