We could not work with our homeless & street kids if it weren't for our great sponsors and supporters.
Thanks to our local supporters of STANDUP FOR KIDS.

Kinko's of Westminster.
University of CO at Boulder.
Catholics On Campus.
Paul Labarile of CO.
Diana Gartner of Dennison, Iowa.
Mary and the Thrall Family of CO.
Marc Fortney of CO.
Lori & Tera Emily of CO.

Odwalla has been a tremendous supporter of STANDUP FOR KIDS. For more than three years they've provided juice to homless and street kids. Not only here in Denver and Boulder, but in Southern and Northern California, Washington, and Arizona. Do us a favor, go to the Odwalla web site and tell them thanks!

We're fortunate to have a number of great counselors that come from AmeriCorps*NCCC. We thank these great members, past and present, who've made a dramatic impact on this program and our kids!

A number of Starbucks in Denver and Boulder have, on a weekly basis, provided us with hundreds of bagels and muffins to give to our kids. The next time you stop in for a Cafe Latte or a double, tell them thanks for their support to homeless and street kids!

Lucent Technologies has been a great supporter and sponsor for our program. These past two years they've helped with our Annual "48 Hours on the Streets" Outreach Program and helped in the design of our Outreach Poster. Additionally, Lucent and paid for the printing and distribution of the poster.

The Telephone Pioneers have been supporting our program for the past eight years. We couldn't ask for greater help. From tons of food and hygiene products, to pagers and cell phones. The Pioneers have always been there for us and the kids.

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