Description of Research

Professor emeritus, Department of Psychology at the University of Colorado Boulder and Research Fellow in the Institute for Behavioral Genetics, University of Colorado Boulder. Research interests have included the endocrinological and genetic bases of maternal and sexual behavior, and activity and learning differences in mice; and genetic studies of cognitive functioning in humans. Work in the 1980s involved genetic selection in mice for alcohol dependence, and behavioral genetic studies of alcohol dosing in human twins and adoptees. Work in the 1990s has included twin and adoptee studies of the cigarette withdrawal syndrome in men and women, plus clinical tests of neuroelectric therapy to assist in quitting smoking and, in separate studies, neuroelectric therapy for alleviation of migraine headache. The neuroelectric studies were with Dr. Onjé Erfan, Westminster, CO.

President, 1995-96, Behavior Genetics Association

Retired, to Fruita, CO, 1997.

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