Description of Teaching

Before retiring, I taught two regular courses: Behavioral Genetics, and Hormones and Behavior, and a regular proseminar on research uses of a PC (personal computer) for entering graduate students. Occasionally I would teach a seminar in Behavioral Genetics or Hormones and Behavior. I also taught General Genetics (once), Animal Behavior (once), and Intro Biology, once, (associated with the Dept. of EPO Biology), and Introductory Statistics (twice). One stat course was in the Department of Psychology at the University of Colorado at Boulder and associated with the Institute for Behavioral Genetics; the other was at the University of California at Santa Cruz, when I was a visiting faculty there.

After I retired, Prof. L. Dixon and I created a web-oriented course in Behavioral Genetics. I taught this course through Summer, 2014, but it is not offered now. For a listing of online courses at University of Colorado Denver, see CU-Online

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