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Working from retirement, in Fruita, Colorado, this page is still in the throes of construction. About the turn of the century, Fruita was a locus of extensive apple and peach orchards, thus the name. But, a change in the microclimate brought freezing weather a few days earlier, and the crops began to fail. Nearby Palisade still has extensive peach orchards and grapes for wine. Fruita town (about 13000 and growing) seems to be a retirement center, and bedroom community for nearby Grand Junction. The surrounding agricultural land is dedicated largely to alfalfa, for stock, and some corn and other crops. It is completely dependent on the extensive canal system which taps the Colorado River, as the average rainfall is only about 7-8 inches per year. Land which is not irrigated is desert with a few native grasses and salt weeds, except along the small streams, which support cottonwoods and a few other trees.

Colorado National Monument, Fruita, CO

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Updated 2/12/17