John Hewitt, Ph.D
Institute for Behavioral Genetics

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Co-Principal Investigator. John K. Hewitt, PhD., is known for his work in biometrical and developmental behavior genetics. He is Director of the Institute for Behavioral Genetics at the University of Colorado. He is a past President of the Behavior Genetics Association and he is Executive Editor of the journal Behavior Genetics. He has successfully directed large scale twin studies of community samples involving extensive field work. These include: the Virginia Study of Adolescent Behavioral Development involving the repeated assessment of over 1400 families yielding a representative sample of school aged twins throughout the State of Virginia (he was founding PI and director of the study from 1989-1992); the MacArthur Longitudinal Twin Study (PI Hewitt); and the Colorado Adolescent Twin Study (PI Hewitt), of which this center component is one part. He is PI for the annual NIMH supported workshops on quantitative methods for the analysis of twin and family studies.

Curriculum Vitae (pdf document, requires adobe acrobat reader)

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