About Substance Abuse:
Multi-Site Collaboration on Adolescent Antisocial Drug Dependence
National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)
Monitoring the future: a continuing study of American youth.
National Institue on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)
Prevention Online
Drug Abuse and Addiction Research: The Sixth Triennial Report to Congress.

Genetic Sites of Interest:
The Genome Database.
The Whitehead Institute Center for Genome Research.
Nature Genome Information Centre
Behavior Genetics Association
I.S.P.G Home Page: the International Society of Psychiatric Genetics.
NIDA's Genetics Workgroup

About Human Genome Project, Project Information & Genome Glossary:
Human Genome Project Information
Human Genome Project Information: Expanded Table of Contents.
Human Genome Project Information: Genome Glossary.

About Methodology:
Twin Methodology Workshop 2002
QMS2: SAS Macro for QTL detection by regression
Genetic Linkage Analysis
StatLib: Applied Statistics algorithms.

From the Center for the Genetics and Treatment of Antisocial Drug Dependence:
CADD researchers: Data access
CARI: The Colorado Adolescent Rearing Interview
PABRS: The Peak Aggressive Behavior Rating Scale
CADD-Developed Programs: Comorbidity Simulations and Analysis
CADD Papers: Supplemental Tables
CADD Presentations: 2001 Conferences
Publication PDFs for Researchers

Division of Substance Dependence