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In E. Rahdert & D Czechowicz (Eds.) Adolescent Drug Abuse: Clinical Assessment and Therapeutic Interventions 1995; pp. 49-111, NIDA Research Monograph 156.

Adolescent Substance Use Disorder with Conduct Disorder and Comorbid Conditions.

Crowley, T. J., & Riggs, P. D.

This chapter aims to familiarize substance clinicians and researchers with conduct disorder (CD) and its comorbid conditions. A syndrome of general deviance characterizes adolescents who become involved with drugs, and those with diagnoses of CD epitomize that deviance. CD frequently is comorbid with substance use disorders. Although CD appears to be very common among youths entering substance treatment programs, the condition apparently is infrequently recognized in that setting. This chapter includes case descriptions, diagnoses, prevalence, treatment strategies, and future research needs for adolescents with CD and comorbid conditions such as depression, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, and substance use disorder.
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