1994-2001 current publications

American Journal of Human Genetics 1999; 64:259-267.

Combined Linkage and Association Sib-Pair Analysis for Quantitative Traits.

Fulker, D. W., Cherney, S. S., Sham, P. C., & Hewitt, J. K.

This paper describes an extension of maximum-likelihood variance components procedures for mapping quantitative trait loci in sib pairs that allows a simultaneous test of allelic association. The method involves modeling the allelic means for a test of association, while simultaneously modeling the sib-pair covariance structure for a test of linkage. By partitioning the mean effect of a locus into a between- and within-sibship component, the method controls for spurious associations due to population stratification and admixture. The power and efficacy of the method are illustrated through simulation of various models of both real and spurious association.

Division of Substance Dependence