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American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, 1998; 24:61-84.

Family variables in substance misusing adolescents: Importance of maternal disorder.

Gabel, S., Stallings, M. C., Young, S. E., Schmitz, S., Crowley, T. J. & Fulker, D. W.

Selected family variables, especially maternal behaviors, were studied as predictors of alcohol and drug misuse in severely disturbed adolescent boys from largely father absent homes. The families of 50 male youths in a residential center for alcohol and substance misuse were compared with the families of a community control group. This study found that the families of alcohol- and substance- misusing boys were markedly disadvantaged or impaired on numerous family structure, process, and substance-misusing behavioral variables in comparison with community controls. Within the alcohol- and substance- misusing group itself, family process variables, maternal alcohol symptoms, and maternal criminality differentiated boys with more vs. less severe drug dependence symptoms.

Division of Substance Dependence