1994-2001 current publications

The American Journal on Addictions 1999; 8:101-113.

Personality Dimensions and Substance Misuse: Relationships in Adolescents, Mothers and Fathers.

Gabel, S., Stallings, M. C., Schmitz, S., Young, S. E., & Fulker, D. W.

For this study 100 male adolescents entering a treatment center for alcohol or substance misuse, their mothers, their fathers, and community controls were recruited. All participants completed a personality questionnaire and were interviewed on several measures, including structured interviews for psychopathology and substance misuse. The findings indicated that novelty seeking (NS) was significantly correlated with substance misuse in adolescent probands, adolescent controls, and proband mothers and fathers, but not in control fathers and mothers. Regression analyses that included conduct disorder (CD) or antisocial personality disorder (APD) symptoms indicated that both NS and CD or APD symptoms made significant contributions to the prediction of substance misuse in treatment group probands and in their fathers and mothers. The finding further suggest that NS and antisocial behaviors contribute independently to substance misuse in severely impaired adolescents and their fathers, but not in their mothers.

Division of Substance Dependence