1994-2001 current publications

American Journal of Human Genetics 1999; 64:157-164.

Quantitative-Trait Locus For Specific Language and Reading Deficits on Chromosome 6p.

Gayan, J., Smith, S. D., Cherny, S. S., Cardon, L. R., Fulker, D. W., Brower, A. M., Olson, R. K., Pennington B. F., & DeFries, J. C.

Previous research has suggested the existence of a quantitative-trait locus (QTL) for reading disorder (RD) on the short arm of chromosome 6. In the present study, RD subject's performance in several measures of word recognition and component skills of orthographic coding, phenological decoding, and phenome awareness were individually subjected to QTL analysis, with a new sample of 126 sib pairs, by means of a multipoint mapping method and 8 informative DNA markers on chromosome 6. The results indicate significant linkage across a distance of at least 5cM for deficits in orthographic (LOD=3.10) and phonological (LOD = 2.42) skills, confirming previous findings.

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