1994-2001 current publications

Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 2003; 44:849-856.

Genotype-environment interaction in children’s adjustment to parental separation.

O’Connor, T.G., Caspi, A., DeFries, J.C., & Plomin, R.

By age 12 years, 23 of the 171 adoptees on whom this analyses was based had experienced a separation in the adoptive home. Correlation and regression analyses indicated that the association between genetic risk and child adjustment was moderated by parental separation. In the absence of parental separation, genetic risk was uncorrelated with adoptee adjustment; however, there were substantial and significant associations between individual differences in genetic influence and poor adjustment among the adoptees who experienced parental separation. Genetic vulnerability is accentuated by major psychosocial stresses, and this may partly explain the wide individual differences in children’s adjustment to family transitions.

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