1994-2001 current publications

Archives of General Psychiatry, 2003; 60:1256-1264.

Genetic and environmental influences on substance initiation, use, and problem use in adolescents.

Rhee, S.H., Hewitt, J.K., Young, S.E., Corley, R.P., Crowley, T.J., & Stallings, M.C.

This sibling/twin/adoption study of substance initiation, use, and problem use replicated findings from twin studies of adult substance use: there is moderate to substantial heritability for substance use and substance use disorders in this sample. Problem use is more heritable than initiation. The significance of environmental influences shared only by twin pairs on tobacco initiation, alcohol use, and any drug use suggests the influences of peers, accessibility of substances, and sibling interaction.

Division of Substance Dependence