1994-2001 current publications

In R. L. Hendren, J. M. Oldham, M. B. Riba (eds) 1999; Review of Psychiatry, Volume 18. pp. 155-198. Washington, DC: American Psychiatric Association Press.

Substance use disorders and disruptive behavior disorders.

Riggs, P. D., & Whitmore, E. A.

This chapter explores the recent emergence of new effective prevention programs and treatments for adolescent substance use disorders. Such treatments have been developed from an increasingly sophisticated understanding of adolescent substance use disorder as a multidimensional, developmental disorder influenced by many interrelated factors. Our increasing understanding of the relationship between adolescent substance use disorder and the disruptive behavior disorders especially conduct disorder has guided the development of new, effective treatment approaches for this very serious and common comorbidity. However, more advancement is needed in this area in evolving a unified, empirically supported treatment model that acknowledges a common conceptual framework and the interrelationships between addictive disorders and other psychiatric illnesses.

Division of Substance Dependence