1994-2001 current publications

Neuropsychiatric Genetics 1997; 74:183-191.

The familial aggregation of depressive symptoms, antisocial behavior, and alcohol abuse.

Stallings, M. C., Cherny, S. S., Young, S. E., Miles, D. R., Hewitt, J. K., & Fulker, D. W.

This study describes results from an ongoing family study of adolescent boys and their families designed to investigate potential risk factors for substance abuse. The purpose of this study was to examine the coaggregation of antisocial behavior, depressive symptoms and alcohol misuse, using a multi-variate pedigree analysis. Spouse correlations were estimated at .57, .21, and .31 for antisocial behavior, depressive symptoms and alcohol abuse, respectively. Sibling resemblance unaccounted for by parent-offspring transmission was not found for alcohol problem symptoms, but did contribute to resemblance for antisocial behavior and depressive symptoms. Correlations among the transmissible family factors for these syndromes ranged from .58 to .73, suggesting substantial overlap among the underlying familial antecedents for these disorders.

Division of Substance Dependence