Empirical research supported by external funds (Funding is annual direct costs.)

Current active support

Workshop on Methodology of Twin Studies

5 R25 MH019918-18 (Hewitt)
5% acad/0.45 acad
5% sum/.15 sum

The major goal of this project is to provide five training and information-sharing workshops for researchers involved in twin and family genetic epidemiology studies wishing to learn the latest methodology for data analysis and experimental design.


Grant Support
University of Colorado

Center on Antisocial Drug Dependence:  The Genetics of HIV Risk Behaviors

2 P60 DA011015-12 (Hewitt - Director of Center)

The overall goal of this Comprehensive P60 Center is to contribute to our understanding of the etiology of individual differences in behavioral control or behavioral disinhibition, the relationship of this to drug abuse and the development of dependence, and the role that these play in the propensity for risky behaviors that may result in STDs, including HIV/AIDS.

Core A: The Administrative, Educational, and Ethics Core (Hewitt)  

20% acad/1.8 acad

The major goal of the administrative and educational core is to facilitate interactions among an interdisciplinary group of clinicians, behavioral geneticists, and molecular biologists at the Health Sciences Center and Boulder Campus of the University of Colorado. The educational component supports postdoctoral training and K-12 community outreach. A unique feature of the core is the incorporation of an ethicist who will work alongside the other Center investigators. Role: PI

Core B:  Data Management, Informatics and Biostatistics (McQueen)

12% acad/1.08 acad

This Core will be responsible for the incorporation of new HIV-relevant risk and impulsiveness measures into existing interview protocols, the integration of new and previously collected data, the dissemination of consolidated data sets to Center researchers, the improvement analysis capability, and the development and application of novel statistical methods for analysis of complex phenotypes that are required to meet the specific needs of the Component Projects. Role: Co-I

Component I: Clinical and GWAS studies Denver (Hopfer/McQueen)

10% acad/0.90 acad

This component will identify specific genetic loci that influence behavioral disinhibition. To do this, we will conduct a genome wide association (GWAS) study on an existing sample of 1000 adolescent cases and 1000 controls with Substance Dependence, Conduct Disorder, and HIV-related risk behaviors, and a newly ascertained sample of 600 adolescents recruited from adolescent substance abuse treatment programs and a control sample of 600 adolescents without serious substance or behavioral problems. Role: Co-I

Component 2:  Clinical Family and Community Twin, Family, and Adoption Studies (Stallings)

5% acad/0.45 acad

The goal of this component is a 5-year follow-up assessment of 285 families of subjects formerly in treatment for substance use disorder (SUD) and conduct disorder (CD) as adolescents and 200 community control families. The study will provide important information regarding family influences underlying SUD & CD, the generality versus specificity of familial influences on these behaviors, and the identification of family factors that differentiate persistent versus adolescent-limited problem behavior. Role: Co-I


The National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health
Subcontract to Inst. for Behavioral Genetics

Project V: Gene*Environment Contributions to Drug Use and Problem Behavior Trajectories (Hewitt)  

5 P01 HD031921-15 (Harris)
3% sum/.90sum
$ 111,960 (sub only)                                                                                           

This data analysis subproject will examine the developmental trajectories of drug use and related behaviors, including conduct problems and risky sexual behavior.


IBSC:  Determinants of Executive Function and Dysfunction (Banich)
Subcontract to Inst for Behavioral Genetics (Hewitt)  

1 P50 MH079485-03 (Banich)
5.5%acad/.05 acad
$143,525 (sub only)

Project 4:  Genetic Mechanisms of Executive Functions
The goal of this project is to use molecular genetic analyses in concert with computational modeling to begin to specify in more detail how the dopamine system regulates three correlated but separable executive functions - inhibiting prepotent response, updating working memory, and shifting mental sets.  We will analyze existing molecular and psychometric data on approximately 800 individual twins who were tested on nine index executive tasks at age 17 and were also tested on general cognitive ability and IQ at age 16.


Genetics of Adolescent Antisocial Drug Dependence (COMRAD)

5 R01 DA012845-08(Hewitt)
20% acad/1.8 acad
33% sum/1.0 sum

This COMRAD proposal continues a multisite collaboration, initiated under DA 012845, to conduct a prospective study to address critical issues in the genetic epidemiology of adolescent onset antisocial drug dependence. We will complete five year follow-up assessments, examine drug use and antisocial behavior trajectories and their predictors, and we will conduct genome wide association analyses of persistent adolescent-onset antisocial drug dependence.


Executive Functions and Self-Regulation:  A Twin Study

5 R01 MH063207-08 (Hewitt)
15%acad/1.35 acad
15% sum/0.45 sum

This twin study will assess, during the transition from adolescence to young adulthood, genetic and environmental contributions to:  stability and change in executive functioning:  individual differences in self-regulation; and the relationships between executive functions and self-regulation.

Earlier Support

NIH/NICHD- "Testing a Developmental Model of Conduct Problems," 5 R01 HD050346-02, 09/01/07-06/30/12, $233,058, Co-Investigator, 8.3% academic year effort

NIH/NIMH- "Abnormal Eye Movement in Schizophrenia: Genome-Wide Scan," 5 R01 MH066115-05, 01/09/04-12/31/09, $14,891 (subcontract to IBG), Co-Investigator, 3% summer effort

John Templeton Foundation- "The genetics of high cognitive abilities," 09/01/08-12/31/10, Co-Investigator, 2% academic year effort

NIH/NIMH-" Executive Functions and Self-Regulation: A Twin Study," 2 R56 MH063207-06A1, 06/01/01-05/31/08, Principal Investigator, $323,389, 15% academic year effort, 15% summer effort

NIH/NIMH- "Workshop on Methodology of Twin Studies," 5 R25 MH019918-15, 07/01/03-06/30/08, Principal Investigator, $144,009, 5% academic year effort, 33.3% summer effort

NIH/NEI-"Variance Component Models for Mapping QTLs," 5 R01 EY012562-08, 09/01/02-08/31/08, Principal Investigator, $290,044 (no cost ext), 10% academic year effort

NIH/NIDA "Genetics of Adolescent Antisocial Drug Dependence," Sub-component to the Inst. for Beh. Genetics, DA 012845, 09/15/00-02/28/06, Co-Investigator, $75,377,  16.5% summer effort

NIH/NIAAAB"NYS Family Study:  Problem Alcohol Use and Problem Behavior," Sub-component to the Inst. for Behav. Genetics, AA 011949, 09/30/00-08/31/05, Principal Investigator, $213,364, 6.67% academic year effort

NIH/NIAAAB"Alcohol Dependence: Integrating Genetic & fMRI Methods," AA 011473, 05/05/05-06/30/10, Co-Investigator, $330,505, 5% academic year effort (Grant transferred to New Mexico when PI moved.)

NIH/NIDAB"Progress of craving and addiction: Genetic factors," DA14642, 12/01/01-11/30/06, Co-Investigator, $250,000

NIH/NIAAAB "NYS Family Study: Problem Alcohol Use and Problem Behavior," AA11949,  09/30/00-08/31/06, Co-Principal Investigator, annual direct costs $940,896 (no cost extension).

NIH/NICHDB"Determinants of Behavioral Development in Children," HD 010333, 06/01/03-05/31/07, Co-Investigator, $244,145, 16.7% summer effort

NIH/NIAAAB"Genetic Association and Stratification," AA 014250, 09/30/03-08/31/06, Co-Investigator, $125,000, 5% academic year effort and 5% summer effort

NIH/NICHDB"Behavioral Genetic Analysis of Adolescent Health Risk," Sub-component to the Inst. for Behav. Genetics, HD 031921, 07/01/02-01/31/04, Principal Investigator, $105,314, 5% academic year effort & 5% summer effort

NIH/NICHDB"Research TrainingBDevelopmental Behavioral Genetics," Competitive Renewal, 2732HD07289,  09/01/00-04/30/05, Principal Investigator, annual direct costs $169,951

NIH/NIAB"Biometrical Analysis of Personality in Adulthood," AG 17949, 04/01/00-03/31/03, Co-Principal Investigator, annual direct costs $75,000

NIMHB"Transition into Early Adolescence," MH43899 (renewal), 03/01/00-11/30/03, Principal Investigator, annual direct costs $205,682

John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur FoundationB"Family Influences on Behavioral Development," 99-59585 HCD, 11/01/99-12/31/01, Principal Investigator, $42,000

NIH/NEIB"Variance Components Models for Mapping QTLs," EY 12562, 12/07/98-11/30/02, Principal Investigator, annual direct costs $186,133, 15% academic year effort

NIMHC"Workshop on Methodology of Twin Studies," MH19918, (renewal), 09/01/98-08/31/03, Principal Investigator, $85,203

NIH/NICHD--"Nature and Nurture in Social Demography: An Adoption Study," HD 36773, 08/01/98-05/31/03, Co-Investigator, $209,659

NICHD--"Determinants of Behavioral Development in Children," HD10333, (competitive renewal), 06/01/98-05/31/03, Co-Investigator, $215,776

The William T. Grant Foundation--"Origins of Successful and Unsuccessful Transitions to Adulthood: The Colorado Adoption Project (CAP)," 98162094, 06/01/98-05/31/01, Principal Investigator, $109,368

NIDA--"Antisocial Drug Dependence: Genetics and Treatment," DA11015, 08/01/97-06/30/02:

"Component I: Adolescent Drug/Alcohol Dependence: Genetics and Treatment," Principal Investigator, Boulder Component, $49,732 (sub only), 5% academic year effort

"Component IV: Heritable Early Indicators of Risk for Drug Dependence," Principal Investigator, $173,136 (sub only)

       "Administrative/Educational, Core A, UCB" Co-Investigator, $24,347

       "Genetics and Treatment, Assessment Core B, UCB" Principal Investigator, $19,554

Veteran's Administration, Research Center for Basic and Clinical Studies of Alcoholism--"Human Genetics Core" and "Heritable Early Indicators of Alcohol Abuse" components, V554P-3828/3829, 07/1/96-03/01/99, Principal Investigator, $76,500 (sub only)

NICHD--"A Twin/Adoption Study of Development in Middle Childhood," HD 18426-15, 06/01/96-05/31/99, Co-Investigator, $44,436 (sub only)

NIMH--"Workshop on Methodology of Twin Studies," MH19918, 09/01/95-08/31/98, Principal Investigator, $61,914

NIMH--"Transition into Early Adolescence: A Twin/Adoption Study," MH43899, 12/01/94-11/30/99, Principal Investigator, $260,437

NIMH--"Adolescent Behavioral Development: A Twin Study," MH45268, (renewal) 05/01/94-04/30/99, Principal Investigator (PI-ship transferred to L.J. Eaves following my relocation to Colorado), annual direct costs $548,638 rising to $758,569.  Priority score 117 in top 3%, 1989‑94. 50% effort.   Current effort, 15% academic year, with L.J. Eaves PI, subcontracted through University of Colorado to Hewitt, approx $125,000 over five years, $26,250 total, $18,293 direct (sub only)

John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation--"MacArthur Longitudinal Twin Study: A Proposal to Study Individual Differences in Adaptation Processes and Outcomes at Seven Years," 93-24177A, 07/01/93-06/30/00, Principal Investigator, $271,349

NICHD--"Determinants of Behavioral Development in Children," HD10333, 06/01/93-05/31/98, Co-Investigator, $171,257

NIDA--"Adolescent Substance Abuse and Their Families," DA05131, Component 2 (PI:Fulker), Drug Abuse Research Center (PI:Defries), 1993-1997, Hewitt Co-Investigator, total direct costs $607,082.

NIMH--"Workshop on Methodology of Twin Studies," MH19687, 09/92-08/94, Principal Investigator, annual direct costs $40,000

Carman Trust for Scientific Research--"Genetics and Development of Adolescent Mental Health," Principal Investigator, PI-ship transferred to J. Meyer following my relocation to Colorado in 1992, annual direct costs $34,000.

NIMH--"Workshop on Twin Methodology," MH19392, 1990--short term training grant, Principal Investigator,  (Priority Score in top 5%) cost $23,359

NIAAA--"Personality and Clinical Psychobiology: Genetics," AA08672, 1990-1994, 25% effort, Principal Investigator, annual direct costs $204,773

NHLBI--"Childhood Passive Smoking: Cohort Study of Cardiac Risk," HL38878, 04/01/89‑94, Co-Investigator, annual direct costs $75,027

NHLBI--"Longitudinal Twin Study: Cohort Study of Blood Pressure," HL31010, 08/88‑07/93, Co‑Investigator, annual direct costs $460K

NIAB"Genetic Models of Development and Aging," AG04954, (renewal), 07/88-06/93, Co‑Investigator, annual direct costs $104K

NIGMB"Resolving Power of Kinship Analysis for Genetic Research," GM30250, 02/86-01/91, Co‑Investigator, annual direct costs $62K

Neuropsychological investigations of children at high risk for schizophrenia:  extension.  Mental Health Foundation support, 1986.  Stlg 5177.

During the years 86‑88, I was an investigator for NIH grants to study Genetic Models of Development and Aging (AG‑04954, 7/84 ‑ 6/88; Annual support $49,211), Biological and Cultural Determinants of Alcohol Consumption (AA‑06781, 8/85 ‑ 7/89; Annual support $95,168), Genetic and environmental influences on anxiety and depression (MH‑40828, 2/86 ‑ 1/90; Annual support $396,181), Resolving Power of Kinship Analysis for Genetical Research (GM‑30250, 2/86 ‑ 1/91; Annual support $75,115).

NIAAAB"Biological and Cultural Determinants of Alcoholism," AA06781, 08/85-07/89, Co‑Investigator, annual direct costs $116K

Genetic and environmental analysis of cardiac reactivity and hypertension.  MRC project grant jointly with Drs. D. Carroll (PI), K. Last and Professor J.L. Jinks. 1984‑1987.  Stlg 88,627.

Neuropsychological investigations of abnormal interhemispheric integration and anomalous lateralization of function in children at high risk for schizophrenia.  Research grant from Mental Health Foundation.  1984‑1986.  Stlg 22,447.

Genetic and environmental determinants of cardiac reactivity and hypertension.  Supported by project grant from the (British) Medical Research Council, 1982‑1983, jointly with Dr. Carroll (PI) and K. Last.  Stlg 8,526



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