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Senior Professional Research Assistant (Sr PRA)

This title is coincident with the current university title of Sr PRA. With minimal supervision, a Sr PRA uses broad knowledge of and experience with research principles, techniques, and equipment to undertake relatively complex research responsibilities. Activities of a Sr PRA may include:
  • Coordinating research projects and developing appropriate strategies to accomplish research goals;
  • Using professional judgment and expertise in collecting, processing, and interpreting data;
  • Assisting in the design of experiments and identifying and recommending modifications or alternatives;
  • Training others in laboratory or testing procedures, equipment operation, and computer applications;
  • Supervising the work of other research staff;

The file for promotion will contain:

  • Candidate's curriculum vitae;
  • Written or phone references from three internal referee's familiar with the candidate's work;
  • Cover letter from the candidate's supervisor assessing the candidate's performance and promise;

Additional materials for promotion to Sr PRA would include:

  • A statement of professional and career goals;
  • Documentary evidence of the candidate's accomplishments (e.g. publications, evidence of presentations, etc.);
  • Any other information submitted by the candidate that the candidate believes will assure an adequate consideration and evaluation of his/her promotion.


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