Mx Documentation

The Mx documentation is contained in the directory Mx/doc. It is available in various formats, including PostScript, WordPerfect, and Portable Document Format.

Any file ending with the extension .ps is in PostScript format, and is suitable for directly sending to a PostScript capable printer.

Any document ending with the extension .pdf is in Adobe's Portable Document Format, and can be viewed or printed with the Adobe's Acrobat Reader.

If you already have Acrobat installed, you may view any of the documents by selecting them below:

  • Sixth Edition Draft Mx Manual (2002) (Portable Document Format)
  • Fifth Edition Mx Manual (1999)
  • Portable Document Format This is probably the best format to view the manual, as it faithfully represents the print edition.
  • Postscript format This format is suitable for printing; it can be sent directly to a Postscript printer.
  • Mx quick reference
  • Postscript format
  • Portable Document Format

  • Jeff Lessem