Onsite Homepage: The Sixteenth International Workshop On Methodology Of Twin And Family Studies

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Workshop Information

  1. Announcement for the workshop
  2. Schedule
  3. A suggested reading list
  4. Information about the Boulder area

Useful Links

  1. Research interests of Workshop participants.
  2. Shaun Purcell's web based data analysis tools for the Workshop.
  3. Pictures from this and other Workshops
  4. Workshop e-mail.
  5. Boulder weather forecast.
  6. Colorado ski area's snow report.
  7. NCBI: National Center for Biotechnology Information
  8. BLAST
  9. LocusLink Genbank
  10. OMIM
  11. dbSNP
  12. PubMed
  13. Genome Browser at UCSC
  14. Marshfield Center for Medical Genetics
  15. MERLIN
  16. MX
  17. Detailed information on microsatellites including allele sets: CEPH Genotype database
  18. Classification of genes by biological process (e.g. long term memory), cellular component (e.g. nucleus) and molecular function (e.g. receptor). Gene Ontology Database
  19. Get links to other databases for your favourite genes (OMIM, SNPs etc)
  20. Alternative to ucsc genome browser including gene ontology data.

Vanity Section

This part of the web page gives credit to some of the freely available software projects that were used in bringing you the Workshop.

Mx Gold GRR QTL Cartographer R
Data analysis and teaching used several programs, including Mx, Gold, GRR, QTL Cartographer, and R.

TightVNC Debian Linux
Desktop mirroring with the TightVNC remote control package. The Workshop file server runs the Debian Project's distribution of GNU/Linux. The Workshop file server uses the Linux Kernel.
Samba Apache-SSL Squirrelmail
SMB file sharing was provided by Samba. Apache-SSL was used to provide secure web serving. The web based e-mail used the Squirrelmail package.

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