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My photo Jeff Lessem
Institute for Behavioral Genetics
University of Colorado
Campus Box 447
Boulder, CO 80309-0447
303-492-8063 fax

This is my PGP digital signature. Fingerprint = 4344 07F1 D039 63A9 CD59 BE11 014A 753E

Cut and paste one of the following lines into a shell:

wget -O - | pgp -fka
pavuk -quiet -dumpfd 1 | pgp -fka

This is my GPG digital signature. Fingerprint = 53DD 148C BA33 3AAF 9AAA D2B6 152A 077F 3CA1 E8E6

Cut and paste one of the following lines into a shell:

wget -O - | gpg --import
pavuk -quiet -dumpfd 1 | gpg --import

This is a link to my pathetic CV in Device Independent (DVI), Postscript, and Portable Document Format (pdf). NEW! a beta version of my html CV.

A BMI computer.

Stuff I Found When I Should Have Been Working

Pictures I Have Taken

These are various pictures I have taken. They are sorted by category, with some pictures appearing in multiple catagories. The links will take you to pages of picture icons, which aren't too large. Clicking on the icon will let you view the full image. Mona-Ellen Photo

Jeff Lessem

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