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Professional Research Assistant I (PRA I)*

This is an entry level title that pertains to an individual possessing competence to carry out research or scholarly work of a quality comparable to that produced by a graduate student research assistant (GRA). A PRA I works in a collaborative role with the principal investigator or project coordinator and, with close supervision, uses standard research methods and equipment to perform designated research tasks. As appropriate a PRA I:
  • Shows proficiency in collecting and preparing samples and/or data and in operating and maintaining research equipment and conducts designated research tasks using appropriate investigative techniques including laboratory experiments, field work (e.g. home testing), data acquisition and processing;
  • Processes and analyzes data according to established research procedures and computer application programs;
  • Maintains proper laboratory and/or field records;
  • Organizes and/or drafts material for research papers, manuscripts, or other documents for publication or presentation using computer application programs;
  • With supervision from other members of the administrative staff, contributes to the overall research support activities of the laboratory;

A Bachelor's Degree or equivalent experience is required for appointment to the PRA I title. After five years, a PRA I can be evaluated for promotion to PRA II.

*Please note that the PRA I and PRA II designations constitute our informal promotion track. Currently, the University of Colorado officially recognizes only PRA and Senior PRA, and all university employee file and payroll records will continue to refer to employees as either a PRA or SrPRA. However, these differential designations can be used in all references, both public and private, including (but not limited to) university telephone listings, recommendations, mortgage and loan applications, and verification of employment status.

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