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Professional Research Assistant II (PRA II)*

These individuals have a Bachelor's Degree and at least five years of experience, either within IBG, or elsewhere, or they hold a Master's Degree in a relevant discipline.With little supervision a PRA II uses broad knowledge of the appropriate research techniques and equipment to complete moderately difficult research tasks. Activities of a PRA II may include:
  • Coordinating research projects using established investigative techniques;
  • Organizing, synthesizing, and interpreting data using state-of-the-art procedures;
  • Assisting in preparation of research papers, manuscripts, grant proposals, and other documents for publication and/or presentation;
  • Participating in the design of experiments, and possibly identifying and recommending modifications;
  • Training others in laboratory and/or home testing techniques, equipment operation, and computer applications
  • Supervising the work of other research support staff;

An employee must be a PRA II for a minimum of five years and have a Master's Degree or equivalent experience in a relevant discipline before qualifying for consideration for promotion to Senior Professional Research Assistant.

*Please note that the PRA I and PRA II designations constitute our informal promotion track. Currently, the University of Colorado officially recognizes only PRA and Senior PRA, and all university employee file and payroll records will continue to refer to employees as either a PRA or SrPRA. However, these differential designations can be used in all references, both public and private, including (but not limited to) university telephone listings, recommendations, mortgage and loan applications, and verification of employment status.


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