Stephanie Schmitz

Here is my 411 info

My office telephone number is +1-303-492 0835
IBG's fax number is +1-303-492 8063

email to: schmitzs@Colorado.EDU

If you'd like the picture of my corner in the office, here are 66K of it!

If you want to know what my research interests are, please email schmitzs@Colorado.EDU me -- I have not updated my statement in a while. If you are more interested in my vita, here is a .dvi(preferred), a .ps, and a .pdf version of my current CV.

If you'd like to check out other psychology departments around the world as well as other psychology resources (courtesy of UWA), click here.

For more information on the University of Colorado or The Institute for Behavioral Genetics, follow these links.

For a very short list of other web sites, click here. With these, you'll probably spend more time browsing than you should anyway ;-) Follow this, if you'd like to check out some German resources.

When I'm not in front of the computer, I can often be found with the Maroon Bells Morris team; for more information and our current performance schedule, click here.

This page is printed on completely recycled electrons.

Last change: 20 July, 1995