Molecular Genetics Core C:

The Molecular Genetics Core is responsible for extracting DNA from samples obtained by Components I, II, III, and IV, for storing the extracted DNA for the duration of the center, and for genotyping samples for specified individuals as required by the other components of the center. Genotyping is done using standard commercially available primers for short tandem repeat-based markers and fluorescence-based screening.

Principal Investigator: Ken Krauter

During the first five years of the center, beginning in 1997, we accomplished the following highlights for Core C:

  • Completed over 350,000 successful genotypes.
  • Over 7000 DNA samples prepared, indexed and stored.
  • Implemented the Discovery Manager Database.
  • Development of preamplification method permitting genotyping of buccal samples.
  • Apparently successful first test of the SNP chip from Affymetrix.

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