Administrative/Educational Core A:

The goal of the administrative/educational core component is to facilitate interactions among an interdisciplinary group of clinicians, behavioral geneticists, and molecular biologists at the Health Sciences Center and the Boulder campus of the University of Colorado.

Principal Investigator: Thomas J. Crowley
Co-Principal Investigator: John K. Hewitt

During the first five years of the center, beginning in 1997, we accomplished the following highlights for Core A:

  • Created an environment encouraging excellent communication and coordination of other cores and components.
  • Responded effectively to massive new paperwork requirements regarding the conduct of human research.
  • Conducted negotiations with other centers and NIDA, leading to a multi-site project to replicate our QTL finding in a much expanded sample.
  • Supported consultations to Center faculty by our Scientific Advisory Board.
  • Brought national research leaders to our campus for scientific presentations.
  • Supported 6 outstanding Ph.D and M.D. post-doctoral fellows.
  • Oversaw a large educational program for audiences ranging from the general public to scientist colleagues.
  • Coordinated budget management, reports to NIDA, interactions with the University, etc.

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