Component I: Susceptibility Loci: Adolescent Polysubstance Dependence

This component is a whole-genome search for chromosomal loci containing genes influencing early-onset dependence on drugs, with an emphasis on replicating our initial finding of a suggestive susceptibility locus on chromosome 9.

Principal Investigator: Thomas J. Crowley
Co-Investigators: John K. Hewitt , Michael C. Stallings

During the first five years of the center, beginning in 1997, we accomplished the following highlights for Component I:

  • Remained consistently ahead of schedule for recruiting and obtaining DNA and/or core assessments from substance-dependent adolescents with serious conduct problems, their siblings and parents.
  • By Spring 2001 provided a phenotyped, genotyped, and cleaned sample of 192 proband-sib pairs for a genome-wide linkage scan.
  • At the June 2001 meeting of CPDD reported the first QTL for adolescent multi-substance dependence.

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Division of Substance Dependence