Component VI: Pilot Projects

This component is designed to permit the Center’s investigators to explore new research possibilities rapidly with small-scale pilot projects and draw other Colorado researchers into this field by supporting pilot projects that advance the aims of the center.

Principal Investigator:  Soo Hyun Rhee

From 2003 to 2007, a total of eight pilot projects were recruited. 

  1. Marissa Ehringer – Targeting SNPs in the CNR1 gene for marijuana association study: Year 1

  2. Marissa Ehringer – Targeting SNPs in the CNR1 gene for marijuana association study: Year 2

  3. Christian Thurstone – The role of fatty acid hydrolase in adolescent cannabis dependence

  4. Gary Stetler – An association study of serotonin receptor (5HTR1B) polymorphisms in subjects with conduct and substance abuse disorders

  5. Marilyn Coors – Ethical issues in substance use disorder genetics

  6. Brett Haberstick - COMT and disinhibited behavioral problems

  7. Soo Hyun Rhee – Sex differences in substance use disorders

  8. Matthew McQueen – INSIG2 gene and obesity- and alcohol-related phenotypes

During the first five years of the center, beginning in 1997, we accomplished the following highlights for Component VI:

  • Supported 5 non-treatment pilot projects.
  • Began investigating the relationship and validity of parent vs. child reports for ADHD as they relate to substance dependence.
  • Collected pilot data on the characteristics of a criminal justice sample to assess the heritability of substance use disorders in this population.
  • Established a dopamine-related genetic association with an early indicator of behavioral disinhibition.
  • Documented the relationship of drug use and sex risk behaviors in an adolescent substance-abusing sample.
  • Examined spousal resemblance for antisocial peronality disorder and substance dependence among parents of patients and controls.

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