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Major Domains

Education Includes questions about highest grade completed, name and type of school currently attending, and factors that influenced subject's decision to attend or not attend college.
Employment Questions pertaining to current employment situation, including number of hours currently working and NORC score of position, as well as parental influence on employment.
Adult Parent-Child Relationships

Questions about parent's current marital status, parent's level of affection while subject was growing up, and subject's current relationship with parents including amount and type of contact, help given by parents to subject and subject's perception of closeness with each parent.

Sibling Relationships Questions similar to parent-child relationships, including amount and type of contact with siblings, levels of conflict, and types of help siblings and subject have given one another.
Romantic Relationships Questions address many aspects about romantic relationships, including attitudes about marriage, romantic relationship style (RQ),
romantic relationship status, problems in relationships, and partner disagreements/partner violence.
Family, Children and Parenting Asks subjects if they have children, and if so asks for age and sex of each child. In addition, asks if subject would be willing to adopt, and how many children subject would like to have when his or her family is complete. Also questions about subject's feelings about parenting and the importance of their children developing certain qualities.
Friendship Includes questions about the importance of friendships, the amount of influence friends have on the subject, amount and type of contact with friends, and feelings about friends.
Religion Questions about current religious practices, attendance, participation and importance of religious services for certain life events.
Personal and Social Attitudes Covers a wide range of different topics including: Achievement Motivation, Attitudes about Marriage, Attitudes about Abortion, Adoption Attitudes and Issues, Social Issues, Social Obligations , and Right-Wing Authoritarianism.
Neighborhood Demographics Questions about perceived problems in the subject's neighborhood, including crime, traffic, public corruption, and unemployment.
Substance Use Questions about subject's use of tobacco, alcohol, marijuana and other substances in the past year and past 30 days.
Health History Asks about subject's general health as well as injuries, diseases and disabilities the subject has experienced in their lifetime.
Long Range Goals Asks about subject's long range goals and their perceived chances of achieving these goals in areas including education, employment, and family.
General Questions Addresses several general areas including any moving plans, the activity the subject enjoys the most, and the extent to which the interview covered what was important to the subject.





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