Instructor: Dr Christina Hewitt
Phone: 492-0629
Office hours: Muenzinger E 230
Before and after class and by appointment.

Course objectives
-to understand the basic principles of genetics
-to understand how these principles can be used in the study of behavior in animals and especially in humans
-to evaluate the extent to which psychological characteristics are influenced by genes
-to consider the implications of genetic knowledge in psychology

The aim of this course is to provide students with a clearer understanding of the
contribution that genes make to individual differences in behavior. Students will be
in a better position to evaluate evidence for and against genetic and environmental
influences. They will also gain an appreciation of the interrelationships of biological
and cultural determinants of behavior and will gain a better understanding of influences
that might affect themselves and their families.

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Button et al 2010

The Truth Wears Off

Why Most Research Findings are False

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Useful articles:
Young et al (2000)
Caspi et al (2002)
Flint et al (1995)
Turri et al (2001)
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